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We embrace the art of filmmaking from the past, bridging to the contemporary themes of our time.

Haboob Wind by Tommy Anderson (book cover)Haboob Wind

It’s 2021, 20 years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on America and celebrations to the heroes and survivors are suddenly disrupted by a long-planned terrorist attack within the U.S. An Electronic Pulse Weapon (EPW) missile attack along with a ground terrorist assault is launched at a Southern California military installation — supported by thousands of sleeper cell members, who camouflaged themselves into the fabric of American society as patriots working in trusted positions in the government, law enforcement, FBI and CIA.

The invasion, called Haboob Wind (a violent Arabic dust storm), is orchestrated by a radical jihad army formed after the U.S. pulled out of Iraq in 2011. A vintage strike force, led by veteran military officers, is called on to defeat the terrorist group. In an epic battle of good versus evil, Anderson confidently showcases the resourcefulness and patriotism of our veterans to protect our life, liberty, and freedom against all odds of modern warfare.

Journey of Eternity

Journey of Eternity (2019)

In association with iGroup Productions.

Starring Eric Roberts and renowned Assyrian actor, Abee Sargis.

The true story of three Assyrian heroesYoubert Benyamin Shlimon, Youkhana Esho Jajo, and Yousip Toma Hermis — who were imprisoned in 1983 and hanged without trial on February 03, 1984 by the Iraqi Regime.  These heroes became martyrs for defending the human rights of the indigenous Assyrian people in the Middle East.  This film brings their eternal journey to the world and salutes them for their courage and ultimate sacrifice.

Global Edge Pictures: Kids Just Wanna Have FunKids Just Wanna Have Fun

A group of impoverished outcasts from the poor side of town take a long bus ride to school every day into a rich neighborhood and gets bullied by the wealthy kids who want them out.

The Gloaming


The first feature film produced under Global Edge Pictures was picked up by Majer FilmWerks and will be released in limited theaters.

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